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The Grounds

'Five Oaks' is comprised of a detached house set in mature gardens, on the banks of the river Llethi. Behind the house and gardens sits a two acres field, with a smaller, lower meadow below. Running the length of the river and either side of the house and fields is just under three acres of ancient woodland, which runs from the edge of the village of Gilfachreda, down to the bridge at Llanina.


These woods are home to a wide variety of trees, from Oak to Elm, flowers, including carpets of snowdrops, bluebells, interspersed with common purple orchids. Animals include badgers, foxes and otters. Of the larger British birds we are lucky enough to have a resident Heron in the river, a female Buzzard has made her home on the other side of the river, plus we have Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, Tawny Owls and majestic Red Kites hover above.


Cormorants can be seen sunning themselves and drying their wings at the mouth of the river - on one occasion this year one was seen flying along the river, presumably on its way back out to sea.


Hours can be wasted just watching the nuthatches, the treecreepers, the bullfinches, the blue-tits, the coal-tits and the longtail-tits, amongst many others, visiting the feeders.

We monitor the noctural activity in our garden with a motion activated night time wildlife camera. Here is one example of the camera catching three badgers wandering across our lawn.


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